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There’s loads of tools out there that are capable of sorting out local files stored by WhatsApp on your smartphone or tablet, but few are as nice and easy to use as WhatsApp Cleaner. It’s a free app that analyzes all the saved content on your smartphone, making erasing excess files a breeze.

WhatsApp is fairly murky when it comes to allowing users control of managing the files it stores. Without going much further, all the videos and photos that you send to your contacts are stored repeatedly within the app’s folder structure. And, unless you use a tool with these features, you won’t exactly know how much of your precious memory all these files are really taking up.

Cleaner for WhatsApp quickly scans and analyzes these files displaying how much space each one really takes up via an intuitive mosaic. Clicking on each section allows you to know exactly what content is taking up the most space, along with a complete list of duplicates and information of when files were received and sent. That way, you’ll finally be able to deal with all those images, videos, audio files, voice notes, profile pictures, background images, documents, and databases with backups of conversations and call history.

Cleaner for WhatsApp could easily pass as the umpteenth app within this field. But, thanks to its clarity and its subtle and unintrusive advertising, we’re looking at one of the best options out there when it comes to tools to clean up your device. More so for regular WhatsApp users who have loads of files in their conversations.
By Erika Okumura
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